On Fluffy Study Buddies

I’ve spent a lot of time this weekend home, writing questions for exams, working on a fellowship, answering student emails, and trying to write a couple more songs for upcoming Christmas events. That means a lot of time at a computer, which can get pretty lonely working, if it weren’t for my constant writing companion. Meet Lucy, my favorite study and work buddy.

lucy company

We adopted Lucy about a year and a half ago from a family leaving the US, and they’d adopted her from a local shelter, so we don’t know a lot about her background. We think she’s about 3.5 years old, and probably Wheaton Terrier and Bouvier. She’s an absolute sweetie, a snuggler and herder of her favorite people, and has a habit of perching near whoever happens to be working and watching them intently. She’s like our little fuzzy supervisor. Her favorite things are scritches under her chin, dog friends, broccoli, snuggles, people friends who know how to play terrier games, and romping outside.

lucy on papers

She’s also good at letting me know when she feels it’s time we go to bed. “That’s enough papers, Mama, it’s 2 AM.” I showed my students this picture after a late night of grading to explain why I wouldn’t finish until partway through the period. I got dogblocked. They understood. These things happen.

(If you’d like to learn more about Lucy, by the way, or see more pictures and updates, she has a little doggie blog over here. It’s sporadically updated, but I try. The family from which we adopted her keeps up with her that way, and it’s a nice way to see the adventures we’ve gotten into with our fluffy pal.)

As we’re entering the holiday season, if you or someone in your family needs a little study buddy and a lifelong friend, consider visiting your local shelters. Open your heart and your home, and they’ll give you ten times the love back you give them.

Portland local places of awesome doggie adoption:

Oregon Humane Society

Family Dogs New Life Shelter

Underdog Railroad Rescue


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