Finals week.

It’s pretty much just this, on repeat, forever.

headdesk infinity

I’m still working on my last final. I’ve spent every spare minute on Virtually Everything Else. I’d say I’m looking forward to Winter Break, but in grad school, Winter Break is not actually a thing. Oh, no. It’s the magical time when you’re not teaching, so therefore you can buckle down and write that paper/do those lengthy experiments/revise your proposal/prepare for exams/whatever you put off all term. In my case, it’s all of those, plus a road trip with my boss next Tuesday to Seattle to deliver samples. My boss is an amazing scientist, a funny guy…and a very speedy driver. I haven’t checked the status of the OhCrap ceiling handles in his car yet, so this could be exciting.

On a non-science front, you can also find me competing in the Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition at Pioneer Courthouse Square tomorrow with a bunch of rowdy singing pirates, performing at Mississippi Pizza the 14th and 20th as well as Bunsenbrewer (the fermentation laboratory!!!) on the 19th with my nerdband, The PDX Broadsides, and my husband and I are trying to complete a major project. I may even get to sleep a little, which is pretty much the part I’m looking forward to the most.

Happy Winter Break to all of you who are done. And for those that aren’t (including me): get back to work, minions.


About damedna

The life and times of a PhD biology candidate, nerd singer/songwriter, and piratical performer. 1/3 of nerdband The PDX Broadsides. Quartermaster of PDXYAR. Midwest-to-PDX transplant. Black Blood of the Earth coffee afficiando and BBotE Ambassador to PDX. Twitter: @Dame_DNA.

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