Jessica Hebert is a biology PhD student at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Her research career began in 2002 at Minnesota State University-Moorhead (Moorhead, MN), where she studied the NHE-1 receptor with Dr. Mark Wallert and Dr. Joseph Provost (now at University of San Diego) until graduating with from the Honors Program with a BA (majors: biology and chemistry, emphasis in biochemistry and biotechnology, minor in Spanish) in 2006. Since moving to Portland, she also researched Fanconi anemia 2007-2008 and environmental neurotoxicology 2008-2009 at OHSU. In 2009, she joined the lab of Dr. Terry Morgan in Pathology and Ob/Gyn at OHSU, studying HPV’s role in cervical and oral cancer, vestibulitis, and renal and placental function in hypertensive pregnancies. On being accepted to PSU’s doctoral program, she rotated with Dr. Morgan, Dr. Justin Courcelle (PSU, DNA transcription termination), and Dr. Michael Bartlett (archaeal transcription mechanisms), and chose to return to Dr. Morgan’s lab for her dissertation, in progress, titled “Fetal Effects on Uteroplacental Variations in Placental Insufficiency.”

Aside from her research, Jessica is also a graduate teaching assistant for the Principles of Biology series (intro to biology for majors) and Cell Biology (upper division biology). She was the lead lecture TA for Principles 251 in Fall 2014, leading POGIL-based small group activities for the first time in course history. Jessica enjoys teaching and hopes someday to have a research lab and teach at a primarily undergraduate institution. She also engages in public outreach by serving on panels at public conventions, local podcasts, and in her work as the media and outreach coordinator for PSU’s Biology Investgations and Outreach (BIO) organization.

When not in the lab or teaching, Jessica likes to spend time with her husband Royal and fluffy dog, Lucy. She makes nerdy music about science, Doctor Who, zombies, and more with her band, The PDX Broadsides, and with friends and collaborators through Facebook’s Theme Music. She can sometimes be seen running around with a band of privateers, PDXYAR, and occasionally finds time to sleep.

Follow her observations on science, nerdery, and other subjects on Twitter (as Dame_DNA) or here on the blog!


Standard disclaimer: The only person who endorses what I write here is me, and sometimes I’ll change my mind about endorsing something, as is my right. The views expressed here are solely mine and should not reflect on friends/family members/coworkers/employers/related institutions/fellow performers/guys named Bob.



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